The historic city of THESSALONIKI will welcome collectors to the                                                1st HELLENIC HISTORICAL COLLECTORS EXHIBITION                                                     at the Thessaloniki WAR MUSEUM in GREECE.

 Thessaloniki is an important Historically and Strategic background city and as many other cities in other countries keeps important cultural and Historical material.

Medals, Uniforms, military equipment, Militaria of All Wars, Medals and Decorations, Antiques, modern military surplus, police equipment, badges, re-enactors Helmets, Insignia, Books, Documents, 1940's vehicles, and remote controlled models, ......etc.

More than 50 stalls and 100 tables.

Participants from several countries will display and trade many rare historical exhibits.

Military, Aviation, Naval, Police, Military or non-military.

The Show will run for 3 days from Friday 21st to Sunday 23d September 2018, provides Historical Societies and re-enactments through various forces from several areas and historical theatres during the period of 1821-1945 up to the present day.

Open all Days from 09:00 to 22:00  : Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

For many collectors, Thessaloniki and its surrounding areas will be a NEW INTERESTING destination.

Join the 1st HHC Exhibition, meet NEW collectors, find interesting collectibles, create new collections, find new hobby enthusiasts and trade in a beautiful country with the Great History.

THESSALONIKI is the second city in Greece, with many special shops for collectors.

Numerous museums presenting the unique Greek history.

Visitors will take the opportunity to enjoy the event which Historically and traditionally host Collectors. Collecting is an important hobby and keep cultural and historical heritage material in the collectors area of SE-EUROPE, in GREECE.